eduPad, la spin off éducation d’ExploLab aux 5 millions d’enfants, lance Monster Messenger, “le WhatsApp des enfants”

C’était la semaine dernière à Londres, à TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015, L’EVENEMENT Européen des startups digitales, dans une ambiance folle, entouré de startups, de unicorns, de journalists tech et de VC. Après avoir sauvé de l’ennui 5 millions d’enfants, eduPad s’attaque aux réseaux sociaux pour enfants, en créant Monster Messenger, une messagerie instantanée sécurisée pour les enfants et leurs familles. 



London calling…

Monday, December 7th: here we are, in the London Olympic Copper Box Arena, for TechCrunch Disrupt 2015, officialy announcing Monster Messenger app to the world!

TechCrunch Disrput is an amazing conference, with more than 100 innovating startups, some of the most prominent grown ups and unicorns, tens of tech journalists and of course VCs looking for great investment opportunities.


Day one (Monday) is dedicated to networking and benchmarking. We listen, watch and learn a lot, and boost our LinledIn network!

Monster Messenger eats Startup Alley…

On Tuesday (Day 2), Lucie and I have a booth in Startup Alley. We get an amazing amount of feedback from peer entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers and VCs. Most people are enthousiastic about Monster Messenger, especially parents. They haven’t found to date an appropriate app to communicate efficiently with their children and to initiate them safely to social networks. And it seems our app fits the bill!! 🙂



And back to Paris…

Tuesday, 23:30: we’re back in Paris. It’s time to debrief. We have already decided major changes in our product roadmap, and will iron things out with the team tomorrow.

Wow, that was great! Thanks to the TechCrunch organizing Team for having selected us for this awesome and accelerating experience!