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Self-Stirring Mug, For the Spoonless

Via Gizmodo

Surely there are people out there who don’t believe in or own spoons, right? Because besides being extremely lazy, spoonlessness is the only reason to own a gadget like this. This coffee mug, from Hammacher Schlemmer, features a miniature propeller at the bottom of the mug that will spin at 3000 rpms mixing whatever additives you like into a frothy morning beverage. The propeller is activated with a button on the handle and the entire unit is powered by a couple AA’s. It is available for $30. – Travis Hudson

Product Page [Via Popgadget]

Pee Goal

Via Gizmodo

pee_goal.jpgAs a World C

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up mania sweeps everywhere in the world but the good old US of A., you might be hearing shouting from men’s rooms across the world, yelling Goooooooaaaaaaaalllll! The pee goal has a little ball on a string hanging in front of its wee soccer goal, inviting sporting gentlemen to try their hand at scoring the big one. Or small one, as the case may be.

Plus, there’s a practical aspect to it. It keeps the splashing down and prevents cigarette butts and such from clogging up the works. At $8.13, it might just be cheap enough to drop off at your local pub to enhance the World Cup festivities. – Charlie White

Product Page [lazybone]