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Des tables interactives dans les hôtels Sheraton

Via Springwise


Earlier this year we wrote about the use of interactive surface technology in New York’s Adour wine bar, and now guests at Sheraton Hotels can use similar technology to access local information.

Deployed just last week in Sheraton’s Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Seattle hotels, Microsoft’s Surface technology provides instant access to local tourist highlights. With a 30-inch display in a tablelike form that several guests can use at once, Surface features an intuitive user interface that works without a traditional mouse or keyboard to let people interact with content and information in a natural and familiar way. Hotel guests can use their hands and gestures to access entertainment and information about local attractions, including CityTips, which provides 360-degree satellite maps and tools to search for local restaurants and bars, entertainment, recreation, shopping, transportation and services; Sounds of Sheraton, a lobby-based digital jukebox enabling guests to create personal music playlists from Sony BMG artists including John Legend, Kenny Chesney and Lauryn Hill; and Sheraton Snapshots, giving guests a way to explore Sheraton hotels and resorts throughout the world by simply browsing the Surface photo library. Placement of the Surface units in Sheraton lobbies is designed to enable guests to leverage and experience the offerings in a social way, Sheraton says.

Sheraton is the first hotel to offer Microsoft Surface in its lobby, it says, but it surely won’t be the last to feature such technology. Following hard on the heels of the hotel chain’s recently cobranded Link @ Sheraton experienced with Microsoft effort to turn deserted hotel lobbies into technology-enabled brand spaces, the new lobby experience promises to keep consumers engaged and coming back for more. So far, just scratching the « surface » on this one … other hotels, airports, restaurants—what about you? 😉

Website: www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton
Contact: www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton/support/contact

Spotted by: RK

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Il y a 10 ans apparaissait le 1er baladeur MP3

IPod 1G.jpg

En mars 1998, dans l’indifférence la plus totale, un obscur (pour les non geeks) fabriquant Coréen lancait le tout premier lecteur MP3 au monde, le MPman 10.

Il fallut attendre 3 ans pour qu’Apple lance son 1er iPod, en octobre 2001, qui devait véritablement faire entrer la musique sans support physique dans les moeurs du grand public… et en profiter pour mettre à mal les modèles économiques de la musique.

10 ans, c’est peu pour faire basculer une industrie…

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Tablette internet Nokia 770 et 800


Le Web permanent !770

=> on l’attendait, après les multiples déboires de Microsoft en la matière, et elle est là… à un prix acceptable (environ 350€).

Enfin la petite tablette toujours disponible et connectée.

Attention à l’usage : nous pensons que l’uage est domestique résidentiel, à la maison.

A suivre.

Bonne nouvelle, l’OS est complètement ouvert !


Toutes les videos YouTube ici : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nokia+770

La version 800 est annocée pour le 1er 2007 : un peu plus grosse, mais avec une webcam intégrée.

En savoir plus : http://www.ubergizmo.com/fr/archives/2007/01/tablet_internet_nokia_n800.php

Taille de la future tablette 800 :

  • Weight (max) 206g
  • Length (max) 144mm
  • Height (max) 75mm
  • Thickness 13mm (/18mm)

    Le pitch Nokia et les specs (770) :

    Où que vous soyez, naviguez sur la toile, consultez vos messages, communiquez, regardez vos vidéos, écoutez votre musique…

    Le grand écran tactile 800×480 assure un confort visuel et une simplicité d’utilisation et fait du 770 un téléphone sans équivalent. Le 770 conjugue les efficacement les fonctions de téléphone mobile et de terminal internet, le tout dans un petit boitier au design sobre et moderne.
    – Navigateur Web (Opera 8) avec Flash Player
    – Appels Internet
    – Messagerie instantanée
    – Client e-mail
    – Webradio
    – Lecteur RSS
    – Lecteur audio/vidéo
    – Afficheur d’image
    – Afficheur de PDF
    – Gestion d’applications
    – Gestionnaire de fichiers
    – Horloge
    – Fonction de recherche
    – Calculatrice
    – Notes et dessin
    – Jeux
    Formats de fichiers supportés:
    – Son: AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, RA (Real Audio), WAV, WMA
    – Photo : BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, SVG-tiny
    – Vidéo : 3GP, AVI, H.263, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, RV (Real Video)
    – Webradio ; M3U, PLS
    Autres caractéristiques:
    – Mémoire : Flash 128 Mo
    – Carte mémoire : RS-MMC
    – Système d’exploitation Internet Tablet 2005
    Retrouvez toutes les informations du constructeur sur :
    Nokia 770

    Dimensions : 141 x 79 x 19 mm


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    Balle de golf RFID

    The RadarGolf System combines proprietary, state-of-the-art radio-frequency technology with superior golf-ball manufacturing capabilities. This allows communication between the system’s RadarGolf Handheld device and a tiny microchip implanted in the core of a RadarGolf Ball. Depending on the terrain, it works from up to 33 yards away.Just point the RadarGolf Handheld toward the area where you think your ball went; move it left and right and a pulsed beeping indicates when you are getting closer to your lost RadarGolf Ball; an LCD gives you visual indicators, too. You can lower or mute this beeping to avoid distracting other players. The USGA-conforming RadarGolf Ball is an excellent, high-quality golf ball that outperforms many premium brands. It meets all USGA specifications for size, weight, distance, initial velocity, symmetry. The embedded RF microchip is tiny. Even if you have a favorite brand, you will be more t
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    han pleased with the superior distance and feel of RadarGolf Balls.You get a dozen of these RadarGolf Balls with the system; additional ones are available (RG002, $39.95 for a dozen). Your purchase includes the RadarGolf Handheld (with protective case); a dozen RadarGolf Balls (plus two specially lined Shield-It pouches that keep spare RadarGolf Balls from affecting your search). Handheld measures 6″ x 3 1/2″ x 1 3/4″; it runs on 6 AAA batteries (included). 180-day warranty. Exclusive to The Sharper Image.

    Philips World Cup Universal Remote With Bottle Opener

    Via Gizmodo

    philipsworldcup.jpgWatching the World Cup and getting drunk go together like Posh and Becks. Now, for a low low price of $12.60, you can get the Philips Universal Remote that’s shaped like a soccer/football field, with the buttons representing the players. The added bonus is the bottle opener attached for easy drink opening.

    Two important devices put together into one uber-device means you’ll never lose the remote: since someone’s going to be asking you for the opener every 5 minutes. – Jason Chen

    Gadget Blog [via Uber-Review]

    Nobu intros N8 touchscreen in-wall PC

    Via Engadget

    Posted Sep 24th 2006 1:04PM by Darren Murph
    Filed under: Home Entertainment, Household, Tablet PCs

    So if the JackPC is lacking in the power / functionality department, and you’re going for that svelte, in-wall look to complement your flush WiFi installation, Nobu’s got just the thing. Known for its sleek in-wall PC designs, Nobu is busting out an 8-inch touchscreen version — dubbed the N8 — that packs either a 600MHz Intel Celeron M or 1.1GHz Pentium M CPU, 512MB of DDR RAM, 802.11a/b/g, Ethernet, a (thoughtfully included) 4GB SSD, and a trio of USB 2.0 ports; this household regulator also sports built-in speakers / mic, audio out, VGA out, and comes loaded with Windows XP Professional. The company touts its « noiseless design » and « visual attractiveness, » citing the fanless CPUs and disk drive as the quiet culprits. While it’s stated that the currently unpriced N8 can handle any household task imaginable whenever it begins to ship, we’ll just be happy that we can digitize new faces onto Engadget HQ’s Magic Message Mirror right from the wall.
    [Via Mavromatic]

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    Canned Oxygen For Sale, Suckas

    Via Gizmodo

    oxycan.jpgYou must have seen this coming: now they want to sell you some hot air. Seven-Eleven Japan has announced it will be selling cans of oxygen in its stores beginning May 24. Each can contains enough oxygen for 35 two-second inhalations, and the company says this will last a week if it’s used five or six times a day.

    Taking a look at the runaway success of selling water to people for hundreds of times what it costs, it’s no surprise that marketers have now identified a whole new category of suckers to exploit. This time, as the gullible public sucks oxygen out of cans, their money is sucked out of their pockets—further proof that there is nothing like the good old placebo effect to separate fools from their money. The sales price of the oxygen cans wasn’t revealed.

    Sales of canned oxygen to create fresh market for Seven-Eleven Japan [RapidNewsWire]

    Kaya Optics Makes Your Camera See Through Clothes

    Via Gizmodo

    kaya.jpgInfrared filters like the Kaya Optics PF4 were available accidentally on Sony cameras some years ago, before being quickly taken off the market. Since then, voyeurs have developed an extensive after-market and DIY system for these types of filters that can « see » through clothes. Kaya’s new filter allows you plug and play functionality into your existing recorders that use CCD (Charged Coupled Device).

    The PF4 is probably either going to be banned pretty soon, or have strict restrictions placed on where and when you can use them. Until then, we look forward to seeing more mannequin nipples.

    Kaya Optics [Kaya Optics via
    Mobile Whack]

    USB Air Conditioned Shirt

    Via Gizmodo

    usbfanshirt.jpgWhen it comes to USB powered gadgets, this doesn’t just take the cake, it takes the entire bakery and then burns it down for the insurance money. The USB shirt has two fans on the left and right sides of the back, taking in air to cleanse all the sweat off your spare tire. There’s an external switch on the USB cable to adjust the fan speed, in case your sweat doesn’t quite go up to eleven.

    The shirt is also powered by four AA batteries in case you don’t have a USB slot anywhere nearby. It even plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car—because it’s such a great idea hooking up your body to your car’s electrical system. – Jason Chen

    USB Powered Air conditioned clothes [New Launches]